The Most Complete Digital Agriculture Platform

We integrate all types of data sources. You get insights through a vast portfolio of data science models.


Big Data Analytics for Agribusiness.

1. Automate and securely integrate internal and vendor data collection.

2. Use data science algorithms and frameworks to cross-reference all of your data and perform descriptive, diagnostic and predictive analyzes to create prescriptive models.

3. Get insights and consult dashboards for strategic decision making.

4. Configure alerts based on prescriptive models, and automate immediate actions in your operation to improve efficiency.

Main Databases

Some of the Data sources that we integrate

Precision Agriculture Systems

Data from equipment, tractors, machines, iot sensors, VANTs and drones, responsible for performing accurate field operations.

Farm Management Systems

Data from management systems, business and crop ERPs, spreadsheets and apps, responsible for the control of field operations.

Agronomy and Application Systems

Field activities data and application maps, pest monitoring and climate forecasting, responsible for crop productivity.

Market and Logistics Information

External data on prices and productivity, dollar volatility, costs of inputs and freight, responsible for influencing the economic result.

API Applications

Some Services offered by API that will surprise you

Data Aquisition

Data Collection and Offering

Offer of several databases ready and available for purchase or integration.

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Integration for data collection of services and solutions from vendors.

List of vendors integrated →

Automation of data collection of your operation and/or your customers.

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Data Aquisition

Systems and Data Integration

Cloud repository from SciCrop or yours for consolidation of all your data.

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Governance and data security in storage and during all processes performed.

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Easy interconnectivity between internal or vendors systems through API webservices.

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Data Aquisition

Analysis and Data Processing

Data crossing of connected systems for generation of integrated analysis.

Types of analysis →

Offer of ready-to-use algorithms for production of strategic and operational analysis.

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Construction of algorithms and analysis customized to your operation.

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Data Aquisition

Prescriptions and Data Visualization

Access to exclusive dashboards with reports, kpi's and maps for decision making.

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Access to analytics datasets for development of reports on your internal systems.

Data visualization tools →

Construction of dashboards based on analysis, customized for your operation.

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Data Aquisition

Data-driven automation of actions

Offer of automatic alerts for immediate reactions in your operation.

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Integration of analysis results for automatic actions in your operation.

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Construction of customized integrations for automatic corrections in your operation.

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